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CAMDEN – Election day in America is less than 54 hours away, and we would like to highlight the extremely competitive SJ District.

It is clear that several key issues occupy the minds of voters in Southern Jersey.

The first issue is the contentious fight for the SJ Senate seat with “The Two Bobs” facing off in the 1st District Senate race. Both candidates are spending millions of campaign dollars and running non-stop, negative – no, worse than negative – let’s say defeatist – TV and radio ads that portray the other candidate as a heathen low-life who is unfit to occupy a jail cell, never mind a public office. This race is the epitome of “bottom-of-the-barrel” political mongering, and it leaves the voters with a choice of the lesser-of-two-evils.

So where do the “Two Bobs” stand on the actual issues? On one hand, we have Bob Hugin – who defines the “New Trump Republicans” – and on the other hand we have Bob Menendez, who is the Democratic candidate and a 64-year-old senior Senator from NJ.

As a sidebar, the Senate Ethics Committee released a statement to Menendez just a few months ago in April of 2018, to wit:

“The Committee has found that over a six-year period you knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from Dr. Melgen without obtaining required Committee approval, and that you failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate rule and federal law. … The Committee has determined that this conduct violated Senate Rules, federal law, and applicable standards of conduct.

Back-and-forth go the accusations, and the hard truth. It is increasingly difficult to say which way this race is going. For most Americans, health care has emerged as the biggest election issue in these 2018 mid-term elections. Nearly every other ad (46%) on TV and radio addresses the worries of American voters who are concerned about being denied health care due to having a “pre-existing condition.”

That issue alone could carry the Democrats into a House majority, just as opposition to Obamacare let to the Republican takeover in 2010.

In the same 1 district of SJ, voters are just as confused about the congress race. Incumbent Democrat Donald Norcross customarily defends the Congressional seat with little effort.

With so much at stake in SJ, the Camden County Republican Party has little interest in putting any effort forward for any of the County Candidates. Instead the party turned their attention early on to Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire running in the Camden County Republican party.

And then, there was a falling out between Squire and the County Chair Rich Ambrosino – and that’s when the party separated from him.

The County Republicans turned their candidate’s lack of voter support and frustration as fuel to start attacking the outed Squire. However, running a negative campaign has its consequences. But worse, running a malicious and spiteful campaign against your once own Camden County Candidate boomeranged, and the resulting energy catapulted Squire into the spotlight as a legitimate viable candidate to unseat one of the three freeholder spots that are up for grabs.

To quote Squire, “I am not a Trumpeteer and I won’t let down the voters in Camden County. Its time for a change in leadership.”

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