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Talented American rap artiste J. Asadi releases new epic album titled “Lazarus Experiment” which is now available for download on all digital music sites.

It has been an incredible year for the CEO of Dark Mafia Entertainment ‘J. Asadi’ as he has grown his fan base on twitter, instagram, facebook, soundcloud and spotify as well as a fast growth in the music world. And this has paid off immensely as he has now released an epic album ‘Lazarus Experinment’. J. Asadi intend to always offer the same quality hip hop vocals he is been known for.

  1. Asadi who has established himself as one of the true positive leaders and motivational rapper of the American, has now released a record breaker album “Lazarus Experiment”. His incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after rap artiste in the business today.

Having picked up numerous recognitions as one of the fastest rising rap artiste in the industry, the talented rapper sets to break ALL records with his new album “Lazarus Experiment” a fully embellished production which goes deep into his own life experiences with high quality lyrics, captivating flow and sound. The album will make you understand J.Asadi as an artiste and as a man.

  1. Asadi earlier announced on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account about the release of his new album which is currently available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. A musician with so much passion for music, J. Asadi seeks to enlighten the world with his powerful song off the album ‘Sky’s the limit’ on his life journey of dealing with daily ups and downs, avoiding temptations of the street and navigating through life. He lyrically expresses himself in the deepest way to send out the message of his struggles as a musician. This album is a plus to the much needed playlists that has suffered in recent years with great vibes throughout the single.

With what has been heard so far the new album is shaping up brilliantly rather than attention grab or mainstream pull. J.Asadi seemed to have put his truest ideas into creating the album “Lazarus Experiment” with catchy hooks, artistic lyrical floating and great content, this album is a must listen from an artiste who seeks to create a positive impression in the minds of his listener.

Listen to “Lazarus Experiment” by clicking https://soundcloud.com/asadi100

Watch “Lazarus Experiment” https://play.google.com/store/music/album/J_Asadi_Lazarus_Experiment?id=Bongkkfb3usscg2skby6wvtosky

Follow J. Asadi for his latest posts on https://twitter.com/JAsadi20

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