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Dylan Capshaw was born with a natural urge, an urge to make a difference, an urge to save those in need. This urge bulging, getting bigger and bigger has stayed with Dylan his whole life, until at 11, he made a Wildlife Foundation to help raise money for those in need and start making his difference in the world. In three days he raised $1,500 in donations for a small shelter in Houston called the “Rescued Pets Movement”. This shelter was collecting an endless amount of dogs and cats who were abandoned during Hurricane Harvey. Dylan knew what he had to do.

Dylan flew to the shelter and hand delivered the check with the exact amount raised to the RPM. After, Dylan hired a bus and hosted a trip to an abandoned, flooded grocery store full of stray puppies and kittens. Dylan loaded up the bus with dogs and before he left to go back to his home in Arizona, he and the RPM found every dog that was rescued a home. The video of the donation is available on his website, CapshawWildlife.org

Dylan is now hosting a brand new fundraiser and his goal is TWICE as big! He is trying to raise $3,000 to go to a local bird shelter in California that is working with barely any money to save abandoned birds left injured and homeless waiting to die. These conditions are being caused by the wildfires roaring through California right now. Dylan is only starting to build his way up in donations, but is trying to reach his goal effortlessly, because helping others is always first. You can help save these birds and other wildlife by donating now on his website! A link to his Instagram (@DCWF.Page) where he posts amazing pictures all the time is on his website too. Please, spread the word and have a wonderful rest of your day/night.



Dylan Capshaw

(480) 848-8095


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