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Cocoon Vehicles offer a Unique 12 Month Car Lease Service

Cocoon Vehicles is pleased to announce that they are now offering a 12 month car lease with an option to hand the car back at anytime without a penalty. Cocoon

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Parisian based fashion influencer Pauline Baly shares her predilection on street harassments and stereotypes of which she claims to be a victim.

It has been an incredible year for the gorgeous model and actress ‘Pauline Baly’. The beautiful model is known to have strong influence in both fashion and current issues regarding

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StartupWind Launches Free Online Courses to Promote Entrepreneurial Learning and Empower Entrepreneurs

StartupWind’s online video-based courses enable entrepreneurs to get started on their entrepreneurial journey, develop their ideas step-by-step and build a compelling business plan to help with a foundation for successful

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