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It has been an incredible year for the gorgeous model and actress ‘Pauline Baly’. The beautiful model is known to have strong influence in both fashion and current issues regarding the society today such as harassment of women in Paris. She shares photos of herself, her wardrobe and trips on her Instagram account with her followers who are now almost half a million. However appearances can be deceiving as Pauline claims that she receives a dozen of sexist insults and street harassment when she goes for a stroll in the French capital, Paris.


Over the years harassment and mistreatment of womens has always been widely known and tolerated in the world and Paris is not left out in this dilemma.  In one of her latest posts on instagram, she apparently brought up this growing societal phenomenon which is connotes sexual harassment.

In her own words she says “Recently, during a photo shoot I was a victim of provocative glances and insults because of this outfit which was deemed too sexy … I’m regularly harassed in Paris, whether it’s simple insistent glances or insults or persistent following in the street”. Ever since she made this revelation the post has generated hundreds of reactions many women from all over world have related to the words of Pauline and have pledged their support.

Pauline also expresses the feeling that French women are now afraid of getting pretty before leaving home. In fear of being judged or abused, they choose to hide and to comply with a certain social conformity.  “I know many Parisian women who have renounced wearing a dress or a skirt, they now dress to blend into the crowd for fear of harassment and aggression” said Pauline.

She remains enraged by the growing number of women who are daily humiliated and assaulted and frightened by this phenomenon, which seems quite normal in the minds of stalkers.

Pauline is not only troubled by the harassment of women by men but she also raises the fingers towards the female gentry who is partly responsible for this phenomenon. “I wanted to point out that many women unconsciously support this growing phenomenon”. She has suffered many times discrimination on her appearance and her way of dressing emanating mostly from women who have given themselves the right to openly judge her with a verbal violence often times.

Pauline Baly tend to fight this growing phenomenon but on the other hand some women support this indirectly. “We all have flaws, we must learn to accept them and finally love each other” said Pauline. For women together, it is important to show feminine solidarity and be kind to each other to stop the decline of women’s freedom. I cannot stand by and watch and we must not stand by and watch. Well said indeed.

About Pauline Baly

Pauline Baly is a beautiful French actress, model and career woman who want to empower other ladies in the fight against women harassment and stereotypes. Pauline has a vast knowledge in fashion industry. Coupled with drive and passion she is unstoppable.

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