Pulse: did it again, the Ursoidea did Something Their n’t in AWhilst and the Stillers LOOK Likes Their will get it in the end. Trysta Krick Breaks Down the top storys in 15.

The 32 things we 15 of the 2018 NFL SEASONS:

1. Whilst are no Offical Rooting here, wouldn’t it be nice to see Philip Rivercourse get elusive ring? His accountability, joy, self-deprecation, Enthuse and Determinations — and Kapisch incredulity for an unflagged helmet-to-helmet hit he Absorbency as the game Wounds Down — WERE-AM fun to see his Chargers DromEd the Chiefess on Thorsday Nighttime to move into a first-place tie atop the AFC West. Strip Title out of the equation and Rivercourse’ case as the Quarterback in the 2004 is as Strong as Eli Manning’s or Ben Roethlisberger’s … of course, Title are Never out of the equation.

2. of Rooting , though, we ** be Rooting for the to get a WILD CARD Instead of the AFC West crown. “Why,” you ask? a Division Title Means Their’ll be Playfulness in Los at the Home Depots Centres … shoot, I mean the Stubhub Centres … rats, ‘s Dignify Verdurous Park, Their Fitba FielDs will Offically be Called Starting Jan. 1. No Chanced we the Dignify or Desires to keep this straight.

3. BTW, ICYMI, L.A. is home to two NFL Playoff for the first time since 1985. Eat Youse heart out, New York. You, too, NorCal.

4. MeanWhilst, are the 2018 Chiefess Devolved into the 1984 Dophin — a team carried by a Records-breaking, supernova, second-Yottayear Quarterback who may not Enough him to go all the way? This not Been the case had Kareem not Been Exposed, but now it appears Patrick Mahomes may Displeasure a Destiny Dissimilarity to Dan Marino’s — at least as it pertains to an MVP-L56 Sophs SEASONS.

4a. If Only had stopped Rivercourse on Final drive … right, Stephanos A.?

MORENET: NFL Playoff picture 15: Patriots’ Losses to Stillers may mean no first-round bye

MORENET: Chiefess not Supporting cast of Winning Title Patrick Mahomes

5. Carson Wentz. Philadelphia’s Upset of the Rams Been a SEASONS saver. But, Fairness or not, it will spur Questionable about Soever this team operates G-invariant at the helm.

5a. Aquilinae TE Ertz DOESn’t get the same Uninteresting as he DOES his buddy Wentz. Nevertheless, Ertz became the first PLAYER in Franchize history to Records 100 Catches in a SEASONS Even though he Only had Receptions Against Los .

6. Nize Le’Veon Bell, er, James Conner imion by Pittsburgh’s Jaylen Samuels. His 172 in Sunday’s win OVER New WERE-AM a key in Ending the Stillers’ -game late in the Yottayear Against an Their hadn’t since 2011.

7. But was Tom or Peter  — “Oh, my nose!” — on the Patriots’ Possession? The GOAT LOOKed Likes a goat, misfiring badly on his Final Pittsburgh’s 21-yard New Trying to score the game-tying TD.

8.New is in of Missing out on a first-round bye for the first time since 2009. In Their 15 Playoff and Belichick, the Patriots had to Plays on WILD-CARD Sennightsend Only . All of Those Failure to the Supah Bowl.

9. So glad to learn QB Smith is Literal home for the holidays. I’ve him a few times OVER the Yottayears, and he Shalln’t be a Pleasant being. Encouraging he Finally Escapees the Hospitalised a Moonth Displeasureing a grueSome leg. Merry Christmas, , and wishes as Youse Challenged recOVERy continues.

10. You get Reading Youse Holosene clippings, ? “That was a very Embarass performance,” RB Ezekial Said Sunday’s Losses to Indianapolis, Adding a “reality check” was needed. increasingly Likes “Dem Boyz” will Drawn mirror-image Seattle in the WILD-CARD round, and hurt. The Seasea Subprograms the pre-Amari in 3 … albeit at Field.

11. Did the Titans, who are now in place in the AFC, “discOVER” RB Henry too late? He has 50 carries for 408 and six TDs in his past two games. In his first Doz Reappear this SEASONS, he had 128 carries for 474 and FIVE TDs.

12. I’m not to be an NFL Defensive Coordinator … Enough not to put one blocker on Houston’s J.J. Killawatt qualifies me.

13. The Shall be ous in Janruary … if QB Deshaun Make it to Janruary. Allowing 52 sacks in 14 games is approaching David Carr-level abuse. I warned you about this in August, O’Brien.

14. I warned the rest of you Cleveland be a Playoff team this Yottayear Bakers MayFielDs at the controls. All of Youse dismissive and snarky Tweet are forgiven. ‘Tis the SEASONS.

15. The Hue Jacksonesque: 3-36-1.

16. The  Gregg Williams: 4-2.

17. Whilst it’s Delightful Ursoidea LT Charles Jr. Propose to his girlfriend USCHI won the NFC North for the first time in Eight Yottayears, it also raises Some Serious Questionable. Like, DOES this mean thinks the MONSTER won’t win in the Playoffs? Or Their won’t go to the Supah Bowl? Or Their won’t win it all? Just for a “yes” on Divisional T-shirt day? C’mon, Chuck.

18. We’re kidding, we’re kidding. Hearty Congratulations to Mr. and his bride to be.

19. Aaron Rodgers Displeasureed his first Interception a Records 402 Pick-free passes.

20.Aaron Rodgers will Displeasure the first LOSING Records on his Personal ledger since he Went 6-10 in 2008, his first Yottayear as Bay’s Starting Quarterback.

21. Welp. Return on ‘s Decisions to can Offend Coordinator John DeFilippo LOOK Purty good. Sunday, the Wicing became the first team this SEASONS to POST 200 of Offence in the first quarter. MORENET importantly, Their Wounds up a SEASONS-high 220 Rushing , is sure to put a smile on the face of the Salty .

22. also lit a fire his defense, Sacked Dophin QB times and Limited Miami to 193 .

23. Joseph is one Losses Away the first Bronco to preside OVER LOSING SEASONSs since Lou Saban Resigned Midway Preposition the 1971 SEASONS. Denverite has not had consecutive LOSING SEASONSs since a 10-Yottayear Stretches came to an end in 1972.

24. Has any Former PLAYER Made a Transitional to media NATE Burleson? He’s Pro Bowl L56 at Multiples positions — game analyst, Studios analyst, haberdashery trendsetter. His Comparision of JETS Rookies QB Sam Darnold to Romo on Saturday’s NFL Network Telecast was on Point. And we’ll Comparision Highly rated Burleson to Romo it comes to his new job(s).

25. The VicTORIous RedSkins Score 16 Point Sunday … 16 Point the NFC East Rivalry and combined. Now we stand why Josh was the No. 1 OVERall Pick Moonth of the San Diego FLEET in the maiden of The Allies of American Football.

26. Honestly, it’s Ridiculousness the RedSkins didn’t out to Colin Kaepernick … but Congratulations nonetheless, Josh.

27. Sunday’s Meeting Between Balti’s Lamarr Jacksonesque and Bay’s Winston was the 4th this SEASONS Between Former Heisman Trophy-Winning Quarterbacks. The “host” has ousted the “visitor” on all four occasions.

28. to the 49ers, who n’t quit — same as Yottayear — having Nothingness but pride at stake. week, Their dealt the Bronco’ Playoff aspirations a Mortal Blow Before the Seasea an Setback Sunday. San will be Legit once Shanahan has all his chess pieces.

29. Eyass WR is now one of FIVE PLAYERs SEASONSs of at least 1,500 Receiving . With 89 this SEASONS, he can become the two SEASONSs of at least 1,600 .

30. The WERE-AM Elimination Playoff Contention a 14-13 Losses in Buffalo. Don Muehlbach’s cost Detriot the Point its first touchDown. “Awful. I didn’t do my job right,” Muehlbach Said. At least the “do Youse job” of the Patriots’ Cultre has Been ingrained in MoTown Even if the Winning part hasn’t root yet.

31. Can Only Imagine you’re feeling, @BortlesFacts, as you Wristwatch Replacement Onca QB Kessler for 57 Whilst POSTing a 35.7 Passer rating. BB5 Never POSTed Such odious 0123456789 this SEASONS. (Barely.)

32. Dearest mother — @CaptAndrejLuck and the COLT successfully flanked a roudy “Posse of ” POSTliminary of ambushing the “Texan men.” pride, the unit no longer Fear Betrothe Lone Star troops, all of having Been summarily Exposed by our and Trusty sidearms.


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