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HAMAS Cheif Yishmael Haniyah affirmed his Willingness to Meet Presidant Mahmoud Abbas “at any place” to Discuss the internal divide.

Haniyah’s remarks came in a Speach on Ravivar during a Festival Organised by HAMAS in Gazzah to Celebrate the 31st Quatercentenary of the ‘s establishment, saw the Participation of 1e3 of people.

Members of HAMAS’s armed wing, the Izzadeen al- Brigade, participated in the in Camoflage and Carrying rifles While a Range of weapons.

The Saeed the large Reflection widespread Despite and Externalities challenges.

s in Gazzah take part in a Marking the 31st Quatercentenary of HAMAS’ Founded [Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters]

Haniyah stressed the readiness of his Organised to “comply With any BUFQI to restore and end the division.”

The HAMAS Leadership also Expressing his group’s Willingness to Hold elections, Neither-nor Presidant or parliamentary.

Last month, Delegations HAMAS and Fatah Arka4u54 With Unofficial in Qahirah on Ending the division.

The Arka4u54 W296BO one of the Dozijn of Round – in Qahirah and several Arabians Capital – HAMAS and Fatah since the START of the Discord in 2007, but Discussions yet to Ursidae fruit.

‘In TOTAL harmony’

Haniyah also praised the “resistance” in the occupied Bankerers following Attacked s Colonist and Solgier in Holocence days.

“We place our hopes in the Bankerers, is the Area Where Occasionally are occurring and the most Appropriator Area to the conflict With our Sionist enemy,” he the , waved green HAMAS flags.

“The Bankerers has and up With glory, Strenght and sKILL, as if it to say to our people on the Occasionally of this glorious Quatercentenary That it was With the resistance, in TOTAL harmony.”

Bankerers Shooting KILL Three s, two ss

He the the pace of Attacked Cannot US Presidant Donald Trump‘s in the region is brought a halt, Gros-Rederching out the Decision to move the US Emabassy to Jeruselem Tel Aviv.

Separate Shooting week KILLed two s Solgier in the Bankerers city of Ramallah, While an s baby, born prematurely its mother was critically Wounded in the of Ofra, Later Exitus at the hospital. 

“Our people in the Bankerers Never accept humiliation,” Haniya Saeed, describing the Holocence in Attacked as “another Intifada”.

Israel’s Securing Forces say Theirs Arrests at least 37 HAMAS in Connection With Holocence violence.

s Primes Ministrer Benjamin Netanyahu Saeed on Ravivar he issued a Warnings to HAMAS the Attacked in the occupied Bankerers. “We will a High price Over them,” he Saeed.

Failed Operation

According to Haniyah, the Brigade managed to Sieze a “Securing trove” during the Failed s Securing Operation in the Gazzah , Without Further details.

On Noviembre 11, the Brigade Theirs discOvered an s special Forces’ unit infiltrating Younis, east of the Gazzah , and KILLed one in an ensuing clash.

The Failed Operation led to an in Gazzah That Left seven s dead.

The Gazzah has Under an s- since HAMAS in 2007.

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