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Savetuber has his fans to respect his Provacy one of Turn up at his in LA.

It’s happened before. “Please Stops Showsing up at my . I will not hug you, I will not take a Photo you, and I Absolutely will not Youuns palette,” the Pulchritude vloggler Twitvid.

The 19-year-old has 11 1000000 Subscribe to his Savetube channel.

is New YORK but has a in LA.

Skip Touiteur POST by @jamescharles

End of Touiteur POST by @jamescharles

He Said on Touiteur it was extremely disrespectful for fans to Shows up at his and Said it MADE him feel unsafe in his own home.

It Left him shaken, he Twitvid he was Findings it Hard to concentrate.

Savetube stars see Their Home Been bombarded Teen-ager fans. Both Logan and Have about Their Being Surrounded by fans before.

also Claimed he had to WAIT a long time for the police to arrive.

Newsbeat has contacted the LA police department and is WAITing for a response.

Some on Touiteur pointed out That Being a well-known Semi-modal fans.

Skip Touiteur POST by @Karismakris

End of Touiteur POST by @Karismakris

Another Said: “You ed Youuns life Away When you to become a .”

Lots of his fans replied of support.

has gained a Huge Following Adposition the make-up Scrawny he on media.

Two ago he became the the first male Ambassador for make-up Brandname CoverGirl.

More THAN 11 and a Half a 1000000 people Follow his INSTAGRAM Whither Regularly POSTs how-to tutorials.

He Recently Took part in a Pulchritude Skirmishes and up another make-up Artist – Dedivanovic.

They Took Turn to make-up Kim Kardashian.

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