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Thuggizzle takes a mere two minutes and twenty three seconds to leave his mark with this striking single Get Cha Hustle Up. Fusing a spacious yet bold soundscape and a confident, flawlessly rhythmic vocal line, the track hits hard in a simple and effective way.

The stop-start nature of the beat means you really get drawn in by the character and color of the release – there’s no sign of the artist hiding behind synths or riffs. Instead, he’s someone working in unison with the ambiance supporting him. You feel the whole thing being a performance, industrially creative, refusing to adhere to any implied industry rules or the usual sound of the majority of contemporary hip hop releases.

The vocal is clear and stylishly presented, the rhyme scheme begins with simple, hypnotic lines, and evolves to become something a little more energetic and still seamlessly impressive. This means your focus is on that leading voice and on the changes it goes through as the song gathers momentum. At the same time, the beat creates the necessary good vibes – that energizing quality, making you want to take steps or move forward. The combined effect is one that’s easily memorable and most probably quite addictive for the hard-core, creative and genuine hip hop fans out there. On top of everything, this track offers a simple yet again memorable hook – repetition is key and there’s value in this not being intrusive or overdone. In reality, the repetition of that hook line syncs well with the beat and the samples in the backdrop, so the whole thing just grabs you and holds tight until the end.

This is a huge track, really well performed and produced. The creativity and the skill combine well to produce something genuinely refreshing. Hopefully this is only the beginning for Thuggizzle.


https:// www.Thuggizzle.com

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